Placement Policy

Objective: The primary objective of our placement program is to facilitate the seamless transition of students into their chosen careers by providing them with suitable job opportunities aligned with their courses.

Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for placement services at PixelSprout Academy, students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Hold a minimum of a 12+ graduation degree from a recognized institution.
  2. Maintain a minimum attendance of 90% during training.
  3. Be between the ages of 18 and 35.
  4. Demonstrate punctuality and effective time management during training.
  5. Successfully complete practical assignments.
  6. Achieve a score of 90% in tests.
  7. Attend placement training with 100% attendance.
  8. Attain a 90% score in soft skills training.
  9. Complete all certification exams in their respective courses.
  10. Maintain a 95% attendance during mock interviews.

Placement Process:

  1. Placement is contingent upon students’ performance during training.
  2. Job locations are not limited to Bangalore and are dependent on the type of course undertaken, including opportunities in start-ups, small businesses, or multinational corporations.
  3. Placement occurs within 90 days of course completion and meeting eligibility criteria.

Responsibilities of PixelSprout Academy: PixelSprout Academy is committed to supporting students in their placement endeavors by:

  1. Providing comprehensive training in chosen courses.
  2. Offering placement training and interview preparation.
  3. Notifying students about job opportunities and scheduling interviews.

Responsibilities of Students: Students availing themselves of PixelSprout Academy’s placement services are expected to:

  1. Register with the PixelSprout Academy placement cell.
  2. Participate in placement activities regularly to remain on the placement list.
  3. Maintain professional conduct, including appropriate dress, during interviews.
  4. Uphold the institute’s image when interacting with company representatives.
  5. Seek permission from the placement cell if unable to attend scheduled interviews.
  6. Inform the placement cell immediately if they decide not to join an organization after receiving an appointment letter.
  7. Resolve placement-related queries through the placement cell exclusively.

Disciplinary Measures: Students who violate the stipulated rules or engage in acts of indiscipline/misbehavior detrimental to the institute’s reputation may face disciplinary actions. Such actions may include being debarred from further placement facilities or prevention from appearing for campus interviews.

Graduation Requirement: It is mandatory for students to have graduated from any discipline to avail themselves of placement services at PixelSprout Academy.